MayorI take advantage of this space on the municipal website to address all the residents of our city and all those people who want to get to know Coín and its Town Hall a little better through the network. As mayor of the city and on behalf of the municipal corporation, I want to welcome you and tell you that I feel very proud of my town and its people, of the men and women from Coineña whom I represent.

Through this website, which presents a renewed version, you will be able to find all the current information on Coin; all the activities and events that take place during the year; traditional festivals such as our fairs, the pilgrimage or the original New Year's Eve; Know the places of interest both in the urban area and in the unique natural environment that surrounds us and the great cultural heritage that our city has.

In addition to this content, people who make use of the web find a direct connection with their town hall on this portal, since they will be able to find published matters such as job announcements, public tenders, regulations, as well as carry out certain procedures electronically, clearly and without the need to travel in person. Our commitment to transparency in management and communication is a priority, while we seek to be a more efficient and effective administration every day, by and for the citizen.

Thank you for your visit through the web and we look forward to seeing you in Coín.

a cordial greeting

Francisco Santos Cantos, Mayor of Coin