The City Council will distribute 6,000 discount vouchers to encourage local commerce

Comercio Industria y Emprendimiento
Participación Ciudadana

This is a new edition of the 'COMPROmetidos con Coín' campaign, organized by the City Council with the collaboration of the business associations Coín Emprende and Fedelhorce. The distribution of bonuses will begin on Monday, March 6 with a maximum of 6 bonuses per person.

Each voucher will mean a discount of €3 for the user for each purchase of €10 and also a subsidy for businesses of €2; that is, the City Council contributes €5 for each bond, making an initial investment of €30,000.

The Coín City Council has launched a new edition of the campaign to support trade and hospitality, 'COMPROmetidos con Coín', which represents a third edition of this campaign created in 2021 where 6,000 vouchers will be distributed with which customers can benefit from discounts of €3, and companies that take advantage of this initiative, may have a bonus with a value of €2, for every €10 of purchase. The mayor, Francisco Santos, has presented this new edition together with the councilor for the Commerce area, Miguel Vázquez, as well as representatives of the two business associations Coín Emprende and Fedelhorce. "These are less effective dates for local businesses, after Christmas, sales and Valentine's Day, the months of March and April are months with less investment in consumption and that is why the City Council wanted to launch this new edition", explained the coineño councilor.


Companies that wish to participate will be able to do so from this very Wednesday, March 1, and throughout the duration of the campaign. Registration can be done electronically through the electronic office or by registering at the Consistory. In addition, information and advice will be provided from the Trade Area telephone number (667 40 85 59) during the campaign and on the necessary procedures, as well as by both associations. Thus, Vázquez has encouraged the participation of all local businesses and businesses since it is a campaign "designed to benefit all parties." "All the companies that wish to participate can do so by complying with the minimum requirements that we attach in the bases and providing the necessary documentation that is minimal to expedite and collaborate as much as possible with our business community," he indicated. Meanwhile, on behalf of the citizens, all the neighbors who want to obtain their voucher will be able to do so from next Monday, March 6, by going to the Tourist Office.

Francisco Santos has stressed that this campaign is expressly aimed at supporting the open shopping center that is the local business in the city. "It is a campaign that has worked very well in its two previous editions, so we encourage all businessmen to participate because it will benefit them, their neighbors and, in general, the entire municipality," he assured. And it is that with this campaign and the distribution of the 6,000 vouchers, Coin will benefit from the increase in economic and business activity, the neighbors who obtain important discounts of 30% for each purchase of €10 and for local businesses will benefit, that you will get a subsidy of €2 for every purchase of €10. "With this campaign, the activity of Coín wins, the neighbors win and the companies in our town win, so we consider that it is a very good campaign and that it will work perfectly for the objective we are pursuing: increasing investment in our local businesses", Santos has referred. The mayor from Coin has assured that this campaign can have an impact of more than 150,000 euros on the economic activity of local businesses thanks to its effects.

All the information and bases of the campaign will be on the municipal website at Until April 10, the 6,000 discount vouchers can be redeemed and local companies will have until April 14 to justify the vouchers with purchases. "However, we encourage them to bring these bonds to justify as soon as they have a considerable number because that way we can advance the income and not leave it for the last day, with the day of injecting liquidity as soon as possible," Vázquez recalled.